Announcing the
Dad Challenge

We are looking for ambitious people with ideas that will enable more dads to be actively engaged in their child’s early years.

Dads are often left feeling alienated by early years services. There are many different cultural, economic and social factors that influence how dads experience the early years of their child’s life. Research shows that involving dads improves a child’s speech, development, physical activity and social confidence.

We are looking for people with practical ideas that will make a difference. Anyone can apply with an idea, no previous experience necessary, but it is important the idea would be able to benefit dads in Southwark and Lambeth. If you are not local you could do this by sharing what you have learnt with local organisations or practitioners – we can help with this.

How to apply:
Answer the 5 questions below in a simple film (max 2 mins) or written document (max 2 pages). Send this along with your contact details to: 

Deadline: noon, Friday 12th September. This is fast but we won’t judge the quality of the films or documents, we just want to see what you have to say.

Selection: A group of experts will then choose 5 ideas to receive £500 and opportunities for mentoring and support. Each team will have 5 weeks to get their idea off the ground. (Selection criteria below.)

Celebrate: Ending with an evening to celebrate and share what we have learnt on October 29th near Southbank, click here to join us.

Application questions:
1. What is your idea?
2. What impact do you aim to achieve?
3. How will you get your idea off the ground in the 5 weeks?
4. Tell us about yourself and why do you want to do this?
5. What support will you need?

Selection criteria:

1. Impactful: Could the project make a difference to dads in Southwark and Lambeth?
2. Relevance: Is the idea practical and achievable?
3. Desirability: Do others want or need this idea to happen?
4. Passionate: Do you have a desire to make a change?
5. Openness: Do you have a genuine willingness to test, challenge and develop the idea?

We imagine the 5 weeks (18th September to 23rd October) being spent engaging the local community (in Southwark and Lambeth if possible) to test and improve your idea and build the support you’ll need to make it happen.

For all the information, click to download this PDF document – Dad Challenge call

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Any questions please email: