“I am a designer and freelance illustrator, currently nannying and living in Lambeth. I have created a workshop that I believe bridges the gaps between potential distant fathers and their children helping them to bond and connect through food. I am particularly focusing on the sensory experience that this workshop provides. Playing with food encourages conversation and excitement, a key feeling children enjoy from a father figure. By using touch, smell, sight and taste, I aim to provide the learning tools for children to use to explore and understand the world and share this experience with their fathers.


The pizza portrait workshop allows parents and children work together to create a portrait of each other using the variety of ingredients provided. By exposing children to fresh foods the workshop should help teach them the process of healthy eating. The children will be in charge of what they eat, having freedom to pick and choose from the fresh and healthy ingredients in order to create their portraits. By the end of each workshop I hope that fathers and children feel confident to create more fun and adventurous meals whilst enjoying their time together.

I have used these five weeks to develop the idea, mocking a workshop up with my flat mates and deliver my first public workshop at Myatt’s Fields Park. They were able to play an exciting role by providing fresh local vegetables from their on site greenhouse. This meant that children and fathers could pick and choose what went on their pizza from the green house, which had such a positive response. I believe, using the community facilities created an unintimidating, accessible environment for fathers and their families to drop in and to enjoy time together.


To develop this project further I intend to continue to build relationships in and around Lambeth that can allow this workshop to grow. Venues such as Myatt’s Fields Park mean communities can come together and know what their local parks can offer. I have enjoyed everyday of this 5-week experience and I am looking forward seeing this project develop.” Sophie Martin

Here is the video of the first Pizza portrait workshop.