We are helping to run some free and friendly events in Southwark and Lambeth for people who want to make good things happen in their area.

We know it is sometimes tricky to feel confident enough to start something new, find people to help you or know where to get funding. Through these informal events we hope to help you learn something new and useful and meet other people who care about similar things.

There are five events in the Meet up and Make series between May and September. We’d love to see you at one or all of them:

May 15, 6pm-8pm – an adventurous start
Hear from people who have overcome the common challenges of how you get your idea out of your head and make it a reality. Learn about local funding opportunities and support you can get as a budding entrepreneur.
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June 19, 5pm-7pm – creative confident ideas
Learn a bit about strengthening your creative confidence, and enjoying the possibilities of your own imagination.
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July 17, 5pm-7pm – a journey into the unknown
Hear what it honestly feels like to get things wrong, and how exciting it can feel to pick yourself up and keep trying.
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August 21 5pm-8pm – new friends and networks
It’s the month where people take a breather, so let’s go to the pub. We’ll reserve some space, and hopefully it’ll be a nice way to informally meet new people who care about similar things.
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September 18, 5pm-8pm – a genuine difference
Share thoughts and experiences on improving the effectiveness of ideas. Learn from scientists, psychologists about measuring change; from funders about what they want; and from people who are trying to demonstrate the value of their work.
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