Collaboration is the name of the game for us in this stage of the competition and we’re really excited to have found some amazing people to help us with the development of our app.
Sarah, a young mum, is one of the users helping us validate the detailed requirements we’ve developed for the build of our first prototype. It’s constantly checking our ideas against the real life experience of people like her which will ensure the app is as useful as possible for those who really need it.
Anna, a midwife, says that for years she’s been telling anyone who’ll listen that the solution to reaching the most vulnerable families is… you’ve guessed it… A smartphone app!  She’s helping us develop and run a really exciting experiment – paper prototyping our app with families living on an estate on the Old Kent Road.
Chris, our technical adviser, is giving us the benefit of his considerable knowledge and experience of cutting edge technologies as we work through the data issues which are key to delivering accurate information through our app.
For us, the network of support, experience and advice we’ve been able to build is one of the most exciting aspects of the competition so far. Every contact we make and experience we learn from takes us a step closer to delivering an intervention which has the potential to really change the lives of kids across Lambeth and Southwark.
Hannah White   @KidsConnectApp