We are delighted to announce, in the eleventh hour, an eleventh team has joined Stage Two of the Knee High Design Challenge.

In December our selection panel decided which teams were to go through to Stage Two of the Challenge. They also decided to give two other teams the opportunity to develop and resubmit a refined proposal, to be reconsidered for Stage Two. They felt that these two teams and their ideas showed great potential but their initial proposals needed additional development before they were ready for the next stage.

Since then we invited those teams to workshops where we shared the panels feedback, invited some expert help and left each team with a bit of time and a lot to think about.

We are excited to announce that after receiving a new proposal, the selection panel has agreed to take ‘Easy Peasy’ through to Stage Two of the Challenge. This project is a collaboration between Save the Children and Character Counts. Their idea is to create a new service for families that builds children’s self-regulation.

Now the eleven teams in Stage Two of the Challenge have time and support to further test and develop their ideas before delivering a pitch for further investment in April.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet any of the team, and offer your support or advice.