It’s been an exhilarating six weeks. We have been busy thinking, creating, making, testing, listening and learning, all of which has led us to some fascinating conclusions which we are looking forward to sharing in our proposal for stage two of the Knee High Design Challenge.

The team has been on a great journey beginning with a tour of park spaces in Lambeth and Southwark and informal discussions with parents/carers and children on how they engaged with parks and green spaces. We quickly decided that we would need to role-play and prototype ideas to use as an engagement tool, so many hours were spent in a workshop designing and producing props. We took these to Surrey Quays shopping centre and popped up a park outside Tesco and engaged with a good mix of people.


We learnt a lot including the importance of disrupting and intervening on the journeys parents/carers and children have to make in order to reach those who would not normally use the parks or green spaces. We also witnessed the importance of critical mass and how children playing in a space draw in more children (and their parents).

A third intervention saw our successful Pop up Park Board do a mini tour around some estates on the border of Lambeth and Southwark. A great way to capture feedback.


Ideas are beginning to take shape, the potential for impact seems more possible than when we begun this venture so we are hoping for the opportunity to take this idea to the next stage and to breath more life into Lambeth and Southwark’s parks and green spaces. 

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