The Good Enough Mums Club has had a great time over the last few week prototyping and testing out our ideas for the Knee High Design Challenge.

Our idea is to inspire & empower mothers to create their own informal support networks by attending a performance of our new musical The Good Enough Mums Club. The show toddles through the highs, lows and sleep deprivation of five women thrown together by motherhood. With enough wet wipes on hand to mop away the tears and clean away the snotty laughter, they overcome their isolation, loneliness, judgment and desire for perfection to discover that they are stronger as a group than as individuals and that sometimes, being good enough, is best. From peeing on sticks to drooping tits, The Good Enough Mums Club shares the love and dispels the myths of motherhood.

As our “product” is more of an experience we set out to discover how best we can reach mums and what sort of follow on care or support they would want.

We performed two readings of the show, each aimed at slightly different audiences. The first one was held during the day at Clapham Library and was aimed, mostly, at professionals (midwives, mental health professionals, health visitors, etc) who support mums within the community.  We had some fantastic feedback on both the content of the show but also on ways we could connect with mums who need it most. The most amazing accolade came from a midwifery matron who told us she could see how we (the show) could make them less busy!

Using the feedback from the Clapham show we made a few tweaks to the script for the next show, an evening performance in a pub in Kennington. This time the audience was full of mums which gave us the perfect opportunity to collect some data through an anonymous questionnaire.

The results were startling. Of the women who responded more than 60% had suffered from depression, anxiety, loss of identity, guilt and/or loneliness. Amazingly 70% of the women said that after seeing the show they think or feel differently about their experience as a mother with 65% saying it made them consider how much pressure they put on themselves.

On top of the questionnaires the mums were also able to provide us with some great ideas for how we can support them be their best selves after the show.

We’re following up on the performances with a series of strategy meetings to ensure that we better understand the existing services to plug into and working on the different levels and options of follow on support.

The whole process has been eye opening and affirming and we can’t wait to put it all together in our final report.

By Emily, a Good Enough Mum.