Volunteer Parent Champions and Early Years and Early Intervention practitioners helped us explore and build our ideas for what the boxes should look like, what should go in them and how they should be gifted.

This week 3 test sessions happened in children’s centres – boxes were gifted to families in exchange for sharing their thoughts with us about the box, its contents, and how it could be used.


Our boxes contain a mix of toys, information of local services, gifts for parents, healthy snacks and a book. The box also contained ideas for how the toys could be played with. A couple of mums we met on Wednesday said the things inside (and the box itself) were quality and in particular appreciated the branded hand cream.


Next week families return for a follow-up session, to have some fun and to give some further feedback after having the box at home for a week. They will also get the three missing items that were late being delivered.

We are using a Facebook page to record and share our Knee High journey, please take a look.

With kind regards,
Rachel Wingard