Last week a double decker bus was parked in Brixton Market to carry out testing of the idea for a family-friendly bus. The aim of this was to understand how traditional bus systems were problematic for families to use, as well as the things they would change to improve it.

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It was exciting being parked in the middle of a market and being able to speak to a variety of different families, hearing about all the difficulties they faced when travelling with their children, particularly during rush hour, whilst on the school run. Using the bus helped to identify the parts that families would change and where the post-its ended up showed that existing buses only provided a limited amount of space for them to use. We met some really creative people who had some fantastic and exciting new ways to really transform the public bus space into anenvironment that would engage children whilst travelling.

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We also wanted to get some feedback on the idea and luckily it was largely really positive! The next steps will be to take the identified issues to develop a suitable service.  I have also been busy highlighting these issues and the potential solutions to various stakeholders and potential partners, such as TfL and private transport providers.

There is also now a name! The Leap Frog Bus – hopefully coming to the streets of Southwark and Lambeth soon!

Sara & Anna