We are really keen to run this Design Challenge in the most open and honest way we can. We aim to share as much as we can of the momentum and energy that each of the 25 teams has for this work. Each group is currently working to develop their idea to radically improve the health and wellbeing of under 5’s and their families in Southwark and Lambeth.

Here is the first project update from a Knee High Challenge team, please feel free to comment below, we love to hear your thoughts. Today’s entry is from: KidsConnect

Understanding what parents and carers really want

Our focus in these first weeks after the exciting kick off event has been to find ways to really understand what parents and carers want our idea to contain, look like and how they would use it.

We have been busy setting up opportunities to talk to diverse sets of families and carers including new mums with babies only weeks old, mums trying to balance the needs of four and five-year-olds with babies, dads eager to play an active part in the early years of their children, young mums,  and wider families members and child minders who want to provide the best care for the children they look after.

It was fantastic getting to speak with our first group at a Milk Spot morning (breastfeeding support). The new mums were really excited about the idea of bringing information together in a very easy to use way. They gave us lots of ideas and told us what would be of highest priority to them. We were really pleased when many were very happy to be part of future user groups helping us test the design as it develops – so thank you Milk Spot!

It’s been fun meeting up with parents and carers to do some one to one testing of the idea. My kids are enjoying the impromptu play dates and the buzz that the conversations create is amazing!

We also launched our KidsConnect Survey and within minutes we were getting responses. The survey will give us quantitive as well as qualitative data  and we will start to use it straight away to help us prioritise the design for phase one.

Next we will be undertaking some more feedback sessions, starting to talk with some of our other stakeholders (information owners) and translating what we have learned so far into our first set of wireframes.

Looking forward to sharing more with you over the next weeks!!

Tracey & Hannah