After 2 months of sharing the Knee High Design Challenge call for ideas with as many talented people as possible, we  received a total of 190 applications. Catherine and I spent ages carefully reading through every application in detail. Which was an absolute joy. What a range, from a sleep aid in the shape of an owl, to camping experiences for dad’s in parks, from Musical Theatre that starts conversations about post natal depression, to a bus designed for the needs of children and their families. The following week we met with our Selection Panel who take the responsibility for making the final decisions on who will receive funding at every stage of this process. The panel includes: the Design Council project team and our Chief Design Officer Mat Hunter, plus our sponsor from Guys and St Thomas’ Charity, two members of the Southwark and Lambeth Public Health Directorate and two children’s services commissioners from the both local authorities. Together we had difficult task of choosing the 25 applications to take forward to the next stage. photo 4 We also met with our Advisory Board last week to review these choices and develop a plan for how we can get the most out of the next stage. All 25 are now ready and raring to go. They will be spending the next 6 weeks rapidly prototyping their ideas with families and stakeholders, and building a more in-depth proposition for their ideas. In early December we will be coming back together to make the choice on which 10-12 teams will be given funding to develop a proof of concept