Last week at The Knee High Project get-together we opened up the conversation about how design and innovation could have a more effective role in early years health and wellbeing. We shared the insights gathered from our research to date and heard from expert panellists about design, innovation, local service provision, and families’ needs.

We were inspired by the contributions, comments and questions that came from everyone in the room. We received some excellent advice, thoughts and ideas which will help us to progress our thinking and steer the development of the project.

As the project progresses we are starting to think about how new environments, services or products might alleviate the isolation and loneliness experienced by many families; encourage and support more quality time, quality interactions and outdoor play; offer dads more opportunities to get involved in their child’s early development; and enable the everyday stresses and strains of family life to be better shared across communities.

Now we want to meet families, designers, entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in creating new opportunities for children and families to live happy and healthy lives. We would love to hear from you if you have experience you’d like to share, an idea you may want to discuss, or if you want to find out more about the research and how you could get involved.

To get in touch, please contact Ella Britton or Catherine Pratt at the Design Council via or 0207 420 5200.