My heart has been warmed by this joyous extract about creativity and child development from Child Research Net.

“Through spontaneous activities, children interact with things and ideas around them through activating their five senses, and take in the world by “creating the world,” that is “building the maps,” within themselves. Though we may say that children themselves become the protagonists in their own dramas, they cannot act alone. The younger they are, the more the world is filled with puzzles. They must get help from adults to create their world. Sometimes their parents and teachers must help them to interact with things and ideas. They model themselves after those they see around them. If they have the help of their parents and siblings at home, their teachers at daycare and school, and their friends, children make their first step toward tomorrow, and can begin to advance in a direction in which they can be people rich in the imagination to improve our future culture.”

Child Research Net (CRN) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to  thinking with and about Japan’s young people.