A lot of the research so far has made us think about the role of, and the value of, men in the early years of a child’s life.

There is an interesting article here in the Guardian about the impact of splitting paternity leave equally between the dad and the mum.
In Sweden, men’s painful discovery of how exhausting it is to look after a baby is believed to aid parental harmony. “You get a whole different understanding of how it is to take care of a child, because work is nothing in comparison,” says Leon, 34, a software developer I met pushing his baby daughter on one of the swings in front of a Malmö café frequented by dads who use the playground. “I don’t think looking after a child for a weekend is enough. You have two days of chaos, but you don’t get into the routines.”

There is also a some documentaries here as part of the BBC’s Biology of Dad’s programming. Showing how a male involvement in the early years is proven to increase the vocabulary of children in their early years, and also develop resilience.