In order to conduct the in-depth ethnographic research, the Innovation Unit have joined the fold as researchers, design thinkers, and early years evangelist.

We are excited to be working with the team and are looking forward to banging our heads together and embracing the foggy, bumpy, and surprising land that is innovation.

To start the process of working together, Catherine, Ella and Ursula shared everything that has been building up inside their heads for the last 4 weeks. This included ramblings such as:

–  Relationships / networks / connections / social influence all feel important when thinking about behavioral change
–  The levels of diversity within both boroughs is exciting and challenging, what does this mean for us?
–  Day-to-day patterns and routines seem to be the place where design-thinking can play a significant role: Sleep, TV, eating, playing, being indoors, being outdoors.
–  Consistency / trust / persistence seem to be recurring themes when talking to professionals and families
–  Noone seems to have mapped the confidence parents feel about the myriad of responsibilities they have as a parent
–  Grandparents, dads, and siblings feel important and are missing from a lot of existing research

The list goes on.