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This morning we were meeting families in Dulwich at a baby and toddler sing-a-long. There were over a hundred parents and guardians there, including three dads, three grandmas, one granddad, and a lot of nannies.

We learnt a lot about the complex responsibilities of a nanny, and we had some insightful chats with fathers and grandparents. What was particulally interesting was seeing the integration of people who were new to the group, and those who were familiar with the group. With the numbers of people there it was very easy to feel intimidated by the already formed friendships.

After an interesting conversation with a mother who was also a refugee, we went to visit Barry House which is a near by housing centre for asylum seekers. We are interested in the involvement of more transient communities and families so we were introduced to a nurse and health visitor there who provide healthcare and wellbeing support to children under five and their parents. They were quite incredible people who saw their job as far beyond the administration of imjections and tests. “Some women come in here and they start telling their story, and as a woman sat here listening to another woman’s suffering, I have to listen to her, even it is takes two hours you can’t turn your back”.

We’ll aim to involve these professionals in more depth as the research continues.